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Starting out on Alto!

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Hello guys! I can't quite afford the new saxes right now as a university student studying jazz double bass.... so I'm trying to get one of these Saxes used.

The Selmer Bundy II for 400$

Conn 20m for 350$

Some 1970s Conn for 350$ UPDATE: This is apparently a Shooting Star, going to look into it more.*

Conn 18M for 150$

Also... I wouldn't hesitate to see if the music stores carry some used YAS-23s

Please and thanks :) Hope someone has some experience with these models!

So excited to start playing!
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If you can try the Bundy II before you buy it may be worth it. I bought one for my son when he started out and it played great! Also well built. I was surprised, being a fan of vintage saxes. Just another opinion.
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