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StarPlay (and other software with assessment of playing)

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Has anyone checked out StarPlay ( ?

Brief history: I started playing sax at age 35, 8 years ago. I quickly got into some small combo jazz situations such that I was always playing intermediate material with maybe advanced beginner skills. After a complete break from playing, I'm reviewing the basics with an eye to advancing my fundamental skills.

Back to StarPlay. It's a monthly subscription, so not pricey at all to check out. I really like the assessment feature because it points out intonation errors, timing problems, ignored rests, notes played too short, and so forth. All the material is at a pretty basic level, but I find that I'm hooked on trying to achieve a certain score on all the pieces.

If you try the program, you'll find that it's not a very mature software product and the repertoire needs expanding. Still it's worth some time and I'll probably keep subscribing for a while.

So I also checked out SmartMusic, an established product that also has assessment of ones' playing. To my surprise, SM doesn't seem to check anything but "did the right note start at more or less the right time?" So that was disappointing.

Does anyone know of a similar product with more repertoire than StarPlay?


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Thank you

Thank you for your positive comments on StarPlay Susan. :)

As for repertoire, did you know that you can import your own Sibelius files into the software? Click on "Open Score" in the toolbar - it's next to "Tune". You can also use this tool with an existing piece - usually used by teachers when they are simplifying a piece.

Alternatively, click on "More Music" in the left panel to access - which has the largest collection of new scores on the web.

Michelle from StarPlay
[email protected]
:blankmea: Hi Susan, the links for "More Music" are third party websites which I have found. Most of them simply require you to download the Sibelius files.

Thank you for your suggestion on tutorials - I'm working on them right now. I'll let you know when they're ready. We've recently put out some lesson plans - but these are probably not what you're after as they have been made to facilitate teachers.

Congrats on your score! You can choose to change your assessment level from Easy, Medium to Hard - this is on the right of the toolbar menu.

I have informed of your request for more advance material. Can you provide suggestions on the sort of material you are interested in?

Hi AltoRuth - it's free to download StarPlay. Once in, you'll be able to preview all the music available and try it out with the two free pieces.
Hi Saxmaam, thank you for your repertoire suggestions. I've passed them onto our production team.

Tutorials: If you look under "Help" in StarPlay, you should find a series of notes on using StarPlay.

Unfortunately I have not received your message re More Music - did you send this StarPlaySupport or on this forum?

tjontheroad: Mac compatibility is under development. If you would like to be notified when this is available, please send me an email with the names of the instrument(s) you play. My address is michelle(at)starplaymusic(dot)com.
Hi Saxmaan, we look forward to receiving more suggestions from you. You know where to send it to :) (the support team, not me... lol).

Bradshawn, if you prefer, you can choose to not receive feedback by changing the mode to "Listen". Only Practice, Rehearse and Perform are assessed/recorded. You will still be able to slow/speed up the tempo in Listen.

Redwood_Lenny, thank you for your repertoire suggesions, I've passed this onto our Content team.

Saxmaan.. You can have multiple parts in your score and choose which line you would like to have assessed in StarPlay. You will be able to hear the accompaniment using "Rehearse" or "Perform".

Also, seeing how this is a new product, I'm working on spreading the word about StarPlay - are there any other active Saxophone websites I should get on? I've just requested for StarPlay to be listed under this website's resources. Fingers-crossed!
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