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Standard Length of C Curved Soprano and Bb Curved Soprano

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I have in my posession a 1920's/1930's U.S.A made curved soprano saxophone. It is Low Pitch this I know is a fact as it has Low Pitch stamped on it.
It is approximately 16 inches in length (i.e measuring from the bow to the top of the crook).
Can anyone tell me if this is a 'C' curved soprano or a 'Bb' curved soprano?
Also for the record can anyone tell me what the standard length of both 'C' and 'Bb' curved soprano is?
All help is greatly appreciated.
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Without a photo it is a bit difficult but as mentioned it should be a Bb. I have never seen one in C after 50 years of repairing and collecting. You say US made so it would be one of about 6 makers. If there are no keyguards, it would be a Buescher but a photo will answer the question.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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