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I remembered that I had a bunch of Legere Signature 2.5's that I hadn't really been using because they felt too stiff on my Open Sky 2. The strength chart indicates that a Signature 2.5 is equivalent to a 3 on Vandorens and 3.5 on Rico cane reeds. I foolishly bought them without checking the chart because I use 2.5's on the alto and tenor... for some reason, it turns out sopranos are on a different strength level compared to altos and tenors.

Anyway, I took one out last night and put it on the Selmer Concept. No more warbles and I can play all the way to F#3 (regular, not with the F# key) with no issues (haven't tried to play any higher than that. I had tried different reeds on the Concept before (Rigotti 3S, RW 2.5H, BSS 2.5, Marca 2.5) and still got the warbles. Now I have Marca 3's on the way and I'm thinking of getting 3's/3.5's of the BSS and RW to see if I can replicate what I got with the Signature.
I really liked my Concept soprano but just recently have been experiencing those warbles around G, G# and A in the lower octave. I thought that the horn might have sprung a leak but now, following the suggestions on this thread, I have put a Legere Signature on it and the warbles have gone. I'm enjoying it again and it's my favourite soprano piece for its sound quality and intonation.

I wonder aspects of the mouthpiece makes it so sensitive to reeds that it can warble. Maybe there are some embouchure / technique issues contributing, but this mouthpiece seems much worse than others I have.

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