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A while back I wanted to pick up a "beater" tenor to take with me on some of my rock gigs to save the wear on my good horn. First I picked up an Antigua Winds horn which was fine. Later I found a Keilwerth ST90 that played much better.

I really like the fat tone I can get from the Keilwerth.

Then I needed an alto for the rock gigs. Initially picked up a Yamaha YAS-23 which did a fine job. Then I saw an ad on Craigslist for a Keilwerth ST90 alto. I tried it out and, sure enough, it also had that fat sound that sounded so good for Rock.

Therefore, I have concluded that the Keilwerth ST90s, tenor and alto, make very good inexpensive horns. I have been using them for Rock as I usually take my better horns to the Jazz gigs, but I think they would also work good for Jazz.

Has anyone else found the Keilwerth ST90s to be really good inexpensive horns with a big fat sound?
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