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Been playing sax since 1956 and have never done a 'seal test'. I just play the mouthpiece, and it blows or it doesn't.

'Super King has more spread and versatility for the way I play...' saxmanjack.

Man, you got that right. I've been playing Guardalas since 1990, mostly hand-finished 'King Curtis', and I recently bought a LT 'Super King' simply because it was on sale. Wow. It's a little too open for new reeds, but I use broken-in reeds with it and it's perfect. I'm using it more and more instead of the 'King Curtis' that I thought was the ultimate - it still has utility for me but I keep going for the 'Super King'. I have a KIWI mouthpiece pouch that I sewed up the middle to make a dual pouch so I can pick and choose. The old KC is much more 'spread', but both have tremendous depth. The SK is like turning on a supercharger. Maybe not something you'd use on every gig or every tenor, but it has the power when you want it.
My set-up at this time is a late Selmer USA 825xxx tenor with a MK VI neck. I never thought I would play anything regularly other than a Selmer Paris, and I have a beautiful Mk VI, but the USA absolutely rocks. Deep, resonant bottom and screaming altissimo. Now I know why Boots Randolph, who certainly could have played any horn he wanted, including the great MK VI he did his greatest work on, played a Selmer USA 82xxxx for the last 15 years of his life.
Sorry for rambling and thread-drift.
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