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Spot Lacquering: What to do over new engraving?

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I am going to have some additional engraving done on a Soprano. I am of the opinion that the engraved area should be sealed with lacquer. Can this be done in the bell area where you are not able to see the additional lacquer application? Can it be done aesthetically well? What would you do?
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Get a can of clear lacquer spray from WWBW. Spray the clear lacquer into a small container (a ten second burst into the upside down plastic top of the spray can is fine). Dip the end of a Q-tip into the laquer and carefully daub it into the engraving. It is thin enough as a coat that it is completely invisible (you could do it twice and its still about impossible to see) but it gets down into the engraving and offers protection. Any engraving is going to have rough edges ane any coating will be worn off those with time- but this will at least keep things close to sealed. If you try to mask and spray on the engraving you'll almost certainly wind up with edge marks where the masking was if not worse. The daubing is simple and pretty hard to bungle even for a putz like yours truly.
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