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FWIW, my late 20's PA tenor finally, finally got done right by a good repairman. And, people I'm hear to tell you, set up with the right mouthpiece it sounds beautiful and plays very nicely. It doesn't shout like a later Conn but its sweet and rich, top to bottom. I can't help but proclaim that its got to be 90% of a NW (so to speak)[- duh, well, yeah I never played a NW....ok ok I admit.]

I began my journey to tenor from alto with this a year or so ago... see this for some nice photos. The photos in the thread were from before the ultrasonic bath and o'haul. It took me this long to really get the overhaul tweak and right. The satin nickle finish doesn't hurt in terms or sax appeal.

It probably won't ever cut it in a funk band regardless of mpc, but when I'm filling behind a vocalist singing torches and bossas and in small combos, you can't beat it. Now when the '58 10m comes back (similar story as the PA) that will be something else, too.
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