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Hey Guys anyone know if you can get great Qualitiy speakers to play with a new Compac Lap Top Computer...I am not very up on the Computer Tech stuff but would like to find some Kick -ss speakers for my lap tap so I can practice songs with it...any ideas and costs would be appreciated

Thanks Steve

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You can connect just about any set of speakers to any computer type equipment.

It just depends on how much you want to spend, and what gear you need to do it. You can get any powered PC speaker set and connect it to the headphone, or line out on the computer. Or you can get passive speakers, and connect your line out/headphone out to an amplifier and then connect that to your computer. Or you can get a USB of Firewire audio interface and connect you speakers to that.

Or you can get a pair of good studio quality headphones.

How much do you want to spend?
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