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I know that most people will get mad at me for saying this - but maybe you need a mouthpiece with a bit of a baffle. I've played a few Yanni peices and they are great middle of the road mouthpieces. I like them! they play fantastic especially with a 7 opening - infact that's probably the best opening. I was thinking maybe you'd want to try like a berg mpc or something. it just sounds to me like you want brighter and more powerful and the yanni isn't letting you get to it!

then again tone building excercises are probably the best way to go. I wouldn't switch mouthpieces until you feel you have out grown that piece. and well you seem to like it so I wouldn't change until you were just damn sick of the piece. I changed my piece not too long ago because I couldn't get enough on a Rousseau JDX 7... And I changed to that from a Jumbo java which I couldn't control - but now that I can control it it's way too bright for me... I changed to that from the first mouthpiece I ever played on which was a selmer s80 C* - as a jazz player and a lover of that darker kenny garret sound there is no real need for an explanation.

But back on topic. I think you should definately imagine your sound more before you do your long tone excercises.
When I was doing more long tone excercises and harmonic excercises I was constantly asking myself - how would kenny Garrett sound if he played this note. What can I adjust to help me achieve that sound. I got pretty close until I discovered I had my own voice as well - I know that sounds ridiculous but there was a defining moment. From then on the question was always "is this the best sound that i could be producing? is this how I want to sound?"

Currently I'm in the first stages of my tenor long tone practice - I'm still looking for the absolutely fantastic tenor sound that I will try to model myself upon....

Anyways just keep up the hard work... I did long tones for 30 minutes atleast every day for about 10 months.

Good luck!
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