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Hi to all Saxy Folks!
I'm currently developing my sound with my yani 8# metal, and now I'm very happy with it becouse after Jolle advice, I started the long tones and octave evercises discovered in Phil Barone precious threads. I'm getting a bright versatile tone with it, similar to my target sound.
Now I'm thinking to buy an ebay Metal otto link millenium 7* (as new) just to try to have a different sound more closed to my hero Archie Shepp' fat & dirty sound.
In this way I'll have a bright mpc and a dark one?
what differences I'll find?
is the otto link easy to blow similar to the yani?
Is is darker than the yani?
Is the otto link bigger in the mouth? I'm more confortable with smaller sizes ones...
Surely the Shepp's mpc was modified by mpc wizards, but I'm not planning to modify it...
what do you think???
To search a mpc "similar" to the ottolink of shepp (NY?) am I doing a right choice with the millenium 7* STM???

thank you fellas

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The stock Yani's will blow less resistant than an STM. It's going to take more "you" to push the Link.

I don't like stock Yani metals, I do like them once they've had the throat scooped out to get rid of the square throat, which makes the sound warm with edge from an untouched baffle. One question though were did you find and 8 yani. I thought they only came with odd number tip sizes....3,5,7,9.

As far as the profile, well mister Yani basically copied the profile of the Links beak so it's going to feel very similar. The facing work on the Yani's, especially the older ones is very good with flat tables and a nice wide window. Modern Links are hit and miss and you need to try a several before you find a good one. Don't buy Ebay Links, you'll more than likely get a less than stellar piece. Go to a shop and try a few dozen and pick the best Link you can find. I've noticed lately with the Links that I've tried in the shops they aren't looking too good, actually I tried a bunch of NY Links a couple of days ago and they all were rejects as far as I was concern, very sloppy work and Babbit should be ashamed.

I have two Yani's a 7 and 9 metal.

And a shoe box full of metal and rubber links. I prefer the NY when I can find a good one, but these are a large chamber piece.

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I'm just getting started on tenor, but the Link STM I tried was horrible. Very stuffy and resistant. I'll have to try a Yani some day. I got a Berg Larsen 105/1 on trial and it plays great.

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heath said:
One question though were did you find and 8 yani. I thought they only came with odd number tip sizes....3,5,7,9..
about the Yani 8: I've buyed (after tryng it) in sax shop in Florence, they produce it this size, you can see in the official page, and the opening is more similar to a 7* couse is 102/103.
thank you for the advice I'll not go for ottolink on ebay. I'll stay only on my yani couse I feel it very confortable.
Do they copied the facing from ottolink? what is the difference from the two pysically? the yani is one of the few mpc with squared chamber? What do you think about it? I like it very much couse I've it also on my sop yani metal 7, I think it get a more "focused" "direct" "cutting" sound, this is my idea but I'm new in the world of sax...
I haven't find many threads about the tenor yani (they are more famous on sop) but i think they are very good ones.
take care
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