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Hi Saxaholic,
I also thank you for your excellent review. I stumbled onto this review after reading your Barone Classic and Vintage reviews - which I thought were REALLY excellent.
I have several great vintages, including a MK V1, AND a Barone Classic. I also felt the same way as your review stated about the Barone...It's HARD, if not impossible, to beat.
When I read THIS Viking review, I felt that I was reading your Barone review - VERY similar wording AND a certain feeling of joy (like the Barone).
So now you have an obligation (jus' kiddin' - but/and pushing you) to compare the Viking to the Barone.
As an aside, and as I wrote on another thread recently, I LOVE ALL my horns - like all my children -all different, but great (MANY more horns than children). Of course I don't have any clunkers and they're all set up well. That really makes a difference.
Do you still have your Barone? Does your moniker imply that you have and love many?
If so, Oh-Oh - you're in trouble.
Thanks again for your review(s).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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