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SOTW Introduction - Thank You All !!

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Hello ! I really don't go online much and this is the only forum I belong to. I finally joined here because you are all so great here on SOTW ! I was researching to get my first Bari, and this forum was the most helpful resource. I've played Tenor and Alto off and on since grade-school and finally went for the 'bucket list' Bari with money saved from not having to commute as I am blessed to be able work from home. I ended up getting a Vintage 1975 H. Couf Supurba 1 made by Keilwerth exclusively for Herb Couf ! This horn is just awesome, and with the custom Drake mpc I got, This fine Brass Body Beauty just has me under Her Spell ! I have lots of work to do with this new setup as I am experimenting with fiber and other nice cane reeds, etc. and am looking for a vintage Berg Larson mpc. . . Thanks to you all, and we'll cyber-see ya later !

Special Shout-outs: Pete Thomas - Man you are everywhere there is cool stuff going on about saxophones. Thanks for your passion to keep this forum going !
Draft write-up for Brian: >>> Where I got my Bari. <<<: If you're looking for a great vintage horn - You need to check out ! The write-ups are very accurate - Lots of detailed pictures too. I found an Awesome circa 1975 H.Couf Supurba 1 (Made exclusively for Herb Couf by Keilwerth). Wow - If anything, Brian down-played how great this horn is ! Brian pointed out every little detail, and that a few pads or springs may need attention. Well - this Bari is better than I expected - it plays beautifully ! Whenever I suspect an issue with the horn, it turns out to be me again getting lazy on fingerings, etc. So - I put a custom Drake .15 mpc on it, and WOW !! Also - I was really worried about the shipment due to issues at our local FedEx facility, but Brian eased my fears and because he boxed up and packaged this horn with $50+ worth of foam, padding, bubble-wrap and packing peanuts it would have survived a tornado ! Thanks Brian !!

The most excellent Bari I found: Couf Superba 1 Baritone Saxophone Original Lacquer Excellent Condition -

Saxophonally Yours,
Detroit Michigan MegaMetropolis
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Welcome! Yep, this is a great spot on the web. Congrats on the horn.

I'm a short distance west of you, if you're wondering what the good repair shops are I've settled on Meridian Winds in Okemos. Even if I lived in Roseville.
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