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SOTW Introduction - Thank You All !!

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Hello ! I really don't go online much and this is the only forum I belong to. I finally joined here because you are all so great here on SOTW ! I was researching to get my first Bari, and this forum was the most helpful resource. I've played Tenor and Alto off and on since grade-school and finally went for the 'bucket list' Bari with money saved from not having to commute as I am blessed to be able work from home. I ended up getting a Vintage 1975 H. Couf Supurba 1 made by Keilwerth exclusively for Herb Couf ! This horn is just awesome, and with the custom Drake mpc I got, This fine Brass Body Beauty just has me under Her Spell ! I have lots of work to do with this new setup as I am experimenting with fiber and other nice cane reeds, etc. and am looking for a vintage Berg Larson mpc. . . Thanks to you all, and we'll cyber-see ya later !

Special Shout-outs: Pete Thomas - Man you are everywhere there is cool stuff going on about saxophones. Thanks for your passion to keep this forum going !
Draft write-up for Brian: >>> Where I got my Bari. <<<: If you're looking for a great vintage horn - You need to check out ! The write-ups are very accurate - Lots of detailed pictures too. I found an Awesome circa 1975 H.Couf Supurba 1 (Made exclusively for Herb Couf by Keilwerth). Wow - If anything, Brian down-played how great this horn is ! Brian pointed out every little detail, and that a few pads or springs may need attention. Well - this Bari is better than I expected - it plays beautifully ! Whenever I suspect an issue with the horn, it turns out to be me again getting lazy on fingerings, etc. So - I put a custom Drake .15 mpc on it, and WOW !! Also - I was really worried about the shipment due to issues at our local FedEx facility, but Brian eased my fears and because he boxed up and packaged this horn with $50+ worth of foam, padding, bubble-wrap and packing peanuts it would have survived a tornado ! Thanks Brian !!

The most excellent Bari I found: Couf Superba 1 Baritone Saxophone Original Lacquer Excellent Condition -

Saxophonally Yours,
Detroit Michigan MegaMetropolis
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Welcome SaxSupurba. :)
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Thanks - wow - 1953 Selmer . . . n i c e . . . Do you do much of your own maintenance on that ?
Actually not!

I bought it in 1995, when it just got a full extended overhaul by the shop I bought it from. Since then I one brought it once to my tech for service and for opening the key heights to the maximum (I think that's over 10 years ago). Besides that it never needed much service.
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