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Soprillo Saxpophone Playing with a saxophone choir!

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Wow! I just found out that there was a soprillo saxophone, after all of the years that I have played and sutdied saxophone. Who knew?
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It's got quite a sharp bite to it's tone... I can't decide if I'm a fan of these things. I bet they're fun, though.
I can't imagine how much. That might be why the prices are not listed!
How much in American money is that?
About $2600.
Ferret said:
It's got quite a sharp bite to it's tone... I can't decide if I'm a fan of these things. I bet they're fun, though.
There are 2 types of mouthpieces available for the Soprillo. One looks like a Berg Larsen inside, and the other one has a larger chamber. The larger chamber is not as edgy, but most Soprillo players choose the Berg Larsen type because the high notes come out a little easier. Of course, the instrument is all about high notes.

The new Soprillos look a little different than the pictures on Eppelsheim's website. They are even better now I think.
Go to the sopranino and higher section under saxophones at the sax on the web home page.People have em. I have a YANAGISAWA SOPRANINO ON ORDER. That's as high I as I care to go!!!!
Not an extremely Bad price, compared to a $3000 "Yanigisawa" Sopranino. Also I would consider the amount of time that goes into producing one of these! Oh I wasn't insulting you by the way SYCC. But that seems fairly cheap. I was thinking that one would cost over $4000, (soprillo). Guess I was wrong. Here's the link. My Yanagisawa sopranino will cost me $2199:no sales tax no shipping from It's on order. Could be months til I get it!!!! Not to offend anyone but another reason the nino is the highest I will go is that it is the highest "official"member of the sax family.
No offense taken Chuberry. I ordered my sopranino cause I figured 2199 is a great price considering we paid 2195 for our SC-991 curved yani soprano in 05. The curved yanis are now 2495.
They are really great horns. I do not see why more people, (companies) do not produce these, and integrate them with better equipment to make them easier to play. I love the sound of them. A little bit sloppy in some of those pieces on that link, but some engineering could definitely turn that around!
Chuberry I see you live in paris. I would love a selmer super action 80(paris) sopranino. But at $5295 to rich for my blood. I have a 2 super 80s a seies I baritone and a series II soprano that I dearly love but they were bought when Selmer(paris)was more affordable. My Selmer(paris)soprano was 2399 in 04 when I bought. The weak american dollar vs the euro has made that same sax $3699 today.
Oh and so we are on the same page. Sopraninos are made by Selmer,Rampone,and Yanagisawa. Soprillos are made only by epplesheim. Sopranino are piched in Eb one octave above the alto or a perfect 4th above soprano. Soprillos are in Bb piched one octave higher than soprano(that's extremely high).
I meant soprrilos. Oh, and the Paris Thing, "Cough! Cough!,... Is my cover. I like Hamburgers, and my name is Jaque, Cough! Cough!, Clueseau. I live, In Cough Cough!, Penssylvania!

I also agree, I think Selmers are a bit overpriced. I would much rather spend my money on a Keilwerth for that much!
That's funny!!!!Have fun w/ the soprillo links!!!!!CYA!!!!
?????I meant I was going offline awhile w/ the cya.
Photo of new Soprillo

The new Soprillo with pearls:
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