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Just wanted to say "Great Job" to Joe Giardullo of Sopranoplanet. He reworked 3 mouthpieces (2 alto & 1 soprano) in the last year for me and all were greatly improved. His turn around time is terrific. My soprano piece came back in a week. I can't say enough good things. If you need any mouthpiece work done, he's the one. He'll even check it for free to see if anything is off. Thanks, Joe.
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++1 to all the above!

My soprano Dukoff D7, bought from a reputable distributor, arrived in a disappointing crooked and rough shape. Joe turned it into a masterpiece. While preserving the Dukoff characteristics, the MPC became very responsive across the whole range, and improved the overall intonation of the horn too. And for me as a mechanical engineer, the superb finish quality by iteself was enough of an argument. Thank you, Joe!
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