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I have a couple of very dark playing tenor mouthpieces which I'm quite fond of, but I've been working on some electronic based music for a while, and dark doesn't really cut it. Bad pun intended.

I reached out to Joe Giardullo at SopranoPlanet for his two cents. As a reference point, I let him know that I'm particularly fond of David Murray's sound on "Silence." To my surprise and delight, Joe offered to send me a metal tenor piece which might suit my needs. I'll let him chime in with the price, but, in combination with his 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, it was a no-brainer decision. The piece, along with cap and ligature, arrived a couple of days later.

Here's what I told him:

Man you really have my playing dialed in. It's nice and buzzy with light synthetic reeds, but still has body to it, has nice focus and projection, power, easy to push, easy to play from bottom to top. I even growled out a nice melancholy Tom Waits tune before putting everything away for the night. I put it through the paces for a few hours tonight, so I don't imagine you'll be seeing it again, barring some sort of an accident on my end.
I think the tip came in at 100. That's a bit more closed than I've been playing, but it's working like a charm.

I tend to dislike metal. Aside from how metal feels, all of the metal pieces I've tried have felt too narrow. Not this thing. It's incredibly comfortable to play.

I've played it with a few sizes, strengths, and brands of reeds, and they've all played easily. I'm fixated on a 1 1/2 Fibracell right now, since I'm getting the tone I'm after and it's fitting in perfectly with the electronics, but the tone darkened up nicely with other reeds, so I'm guessing that this mouthpiece will become my all around workhorse on tenor.

I haven't pulled out the tuner yet. The synths I'm using tend to drift a bit, so fine tuning hasn't been a priority. When I've played unaccompanied, nothing has caught my ear as being out of tune. I'm guessing that's a combination of Joe's usual superb work and my headache free Yanagisawa T-992.

I don't use much altissimo, but it's been effortless with this piece. Some fun growls and screams have also jumped off the horn.

In short, it's probably the last tenor mouthpiece I'll ever buy.


P.S. I'm doing quite a bit of recording, but I'm having a problem getting a good mix. If I capture anything which seems publicly consumable then I'll publish it here.

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