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Soprano sax time on STARDUST.

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Hello all in saxophone land,

Here is my take on the classic "Stardust"

I decided to do it on my Soprano sax to try 1 of my new mouthpieces - SR Tech PRO, F.Louis ultimate lig, RJS 2H.
It also gave me the chance to try out some new home studio gear i got too.

you guessed it, yet another major GAS attack and it hasn't stopped.

all feedback and comments are welcome!


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As said on other site a very nice soprano sound.I had a couple of SR Tech tenor pieces and there great,very well made.Nice flow,pace and ideas.Its 1 of my all time fave standards.Well done.
cheers fella, a nice compliment indeed...looking forward to TOTM with this baby tho ;)
Yea what a pick eh,,,hey its mine !!!!!
it may be yours and you made a GREAT pick with the Brecker bros tune but i intend to OWN it haha, that kind of stuff is right up my street. wooohooo
Yea you never did lack self belief.Enjoy your journrey up the street.
Indeed you are right, and not a bad thing either, i turned my 'cocky-youth-attitude' from the kid you knew at college years ago into something more positive, i took my head out of where the sun don't shine and seen that it was best to turn the dumb ego into what it was meant for and that was to use it for more confidence in playing as i believe more players should "channel it" as confidence is key in improvisation and playing.
self belief = not scared to go for it, from what i have found players who are not so shy or those who are sometimes full of themselves (as i used to be as a youth) tend to have stronger sax personalities and develop better than someone who is as quiet as a mouse or more timid, maybe true for 90% i found, esp when i was teaching/lecturing.
Any player getting up there,out needs a lot of it.Shy boys get nothing.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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