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Hello there. I just changed a pad on my Antigua soprano sax, but I'm not pleased. I changed the pad because the pad had a cut in it which was responsible for my A key sticking especially when going from A to B. That problem is now gone but now the sax isn't as freeblowing as it was and several notes are hard to reach now. I think the pads need to be fluffed or something. I tried simply bending the cup so that both cups for A go down together evenly. No matter how I bend the cups there is some new problem that presents itself. The pad I repaced the old one with is one that I got from music medic. It seem to fit the cup fine as long as I didn't put too much shellac in the key cup. I've been at it for a couplre hours now. If anybody knows what I am doing wrong or can make a suggestion I would really appreciate it. I can't afford for my sax to be in disrepair.


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