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Soprano sax mic

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I hate using a stationary mic when I'm playing my soprano. Are their any reasonably priced mic set-ups that work well for soprano. I have seen the mics that SDSystems and AMT have to offer, but they are quite expensive!
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I use the same AT pro 35 clipon for all of my horns.

The placement on sop is a little tricky. I attach it to the bell, and aim it at the low Bb tonehole.
Nady CM-55. This is the first mic I have used on soprano so I can't comment on how it compares to others. I bought it about a year ago on ebay (new) for between $50-$60. As hakukani said placement is tricky. 1" or so in any given location can be extreme. I never like the bottom of the bell placement because it has to be removed for the horn to be put on a stand-that is if you have a straight sop.
The placement I settled on was to remove the clip on the mic and place the mic on the music lyre post of the horn. It is held in place by using the horn's original music lyre screw. This allows for the mic to be located anywhere between LH 3rd finger G and RH 2nd finger E. Location change is done with the mic's gooseneck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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