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Hi everybody

I'm on my way to buy a new soprano sax. I currently own a Yamaha 475 which has a removed high f# key and is in rather bad condition. I've done a lot of digging and ended up with a list of saxes, that I would consider buying. Sadly it's impossible for me to test all of them (I have played some of them). So I cannot make a real comparison and I find it very hard to choose. Feel free to comment about the saxes listed below, especially if you had the chance of comparing some of them.

-Selmer Mark VI (I played some and liked their sound and feel, however I am not totally convinced with keywork and intonation. Recently I found some amazingly cheap offers)

-Modern Yanagisawas (I like several models, especially one piece, but they don't sound "special" to me. I played some saxes with a more interesting sound. I would most probably go for a new one. However I am not sure about how the WO models compare to the old ones soundwise)

-Buescher TT (I have one offer that I cannot testplay and I'm not sure about the condition)

-Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz gold curved (sounds really great, very flexible, setup is rather sloppy, price is higher than most other saxes on the list, I am not totally convinced with the curved design)

-Sequoia Lemon (I've heard so many good things about it and the price is very attractive. However I cannot test it and I prefer one piece sopranos generally)

-Keilwerth SX90 (used model, strange intonation behaviour to me but good sound, cheaper than yani and selmer)

Most likely I will not buy a sax based on opinions from a forum but it might help to cross out one or the other sax from my list.

I play soprano as a doubling besides tenor. So generally I prefer a horn with good intonations characteristics but I'm always looking for something special soundwise. That's why I consider many alternatives to the "standard" Yanagisawa.

Thanks a lot!
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