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soprano reeds: Vandoren, Hemke etc

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While lately I've been using Vandoren Javas, I've noticed years ago and again recently that I get a fuller, meatier sound wih Hemkes. I've also tried Vandoren trad (originally that was the only game in town) and V16s. The downside of the Hemkes is that they don't last as long. Often the tip area seems to warp and lose its spring.

If I like Hemkes, what is better yet? What strength is good? Right now I use Java 3's and Hemke 3.5's. The Hemke 3.5's seem to me tad harder than Java 3's and Hemke 3's are softer (too soft.)
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Try Zonda/Gonzalez clarinet reeds on your soprano. They come in 3 sub-strengths per half regular strength. On alto and tenor 3.5 J or k is about a 3.5 blue box vandoren. They do not make soprano sax reeds.
Thanks. Actually Gonzalez makes soprano sax reeds and they come in quarter strengths. I have not yet tried them on soprano.
Mike have you tried Superial 3's on soprano? If you like Javas these play similar but are much more consistant and responsive in my opinion.
I also love Hemke reeds on soprano; nice sounding, consistant but short lasting reeds. If you like Javas, try LaVoz reeds: these are actually extremely consistant and nice sounding (in my opinion, of course).
Mike, do you mean the plain old Superial 3's? I have some DC 3.5 which seem about right in strength but don't blow as nicely as a Hemke, as least when it is new.
If you like Hemke and DC 3.5 is the right strength, you should try Alexander Classique 3.0.
Mike I mean the Yellow tin. I have some 3.5 new ones. I'll send you some to try.
Guess I'll give Superials, of different sorts, a try again.

I'm one of those who tended to chirp on Alexanders, but I play looser now. Anyway that was mainly an issue on alto, not soprano.
Chirp? I thought it was me?

I had that problem when I tried them for my alto. Thought it was me or my mouthpiece.

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