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Sopranino from Nixon’s Music Vero Beach FL

It was 1974. I got a job playing with Ray Eberle at the Ramada Inn in Vero Beach FLorida, 5 nights a week.

Nixon had just resigned his office.

I went tooling around Vero Beach to check it out (didn’t take long).

I run across a music store called Nixon’s Music. I thought “I gotta see this.”

Vero Beach had all of 5,000 residents with no big city around, and Phil Nixon had 2, count em 2, brand new Selmer sopraninos. I thing the serial numbers were around 250,xxx.

I had never played one before so I played both of them. The best one of the. Played better and had better intonation than my hand picked Selmer soprano, which I picked out of a line up of 12 brand new ones from a music store in LA.

I traded my horn and $25 cash for his and never looked back.

Plays real sweet the stock C* mouthpiece which I opened up, just a bit, with a piece of extremely fine sandpaper.
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