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Mate neck dents would have to be the worst things to try and repair. There in your face when you play and highly visible to the player and those around them

The soprano necks for me appear to be easier than a standard alto or tenor neck.

With the sopranos straight neck I have turned up a generic tapered rod, I fit this rod into a vise clamp system, and then apply roller pressure down and squeeze / roll the dent out.

For the tapered necks, same again but undersized taper by a good 3mm, which has been bent to the same shape as the curved neck, then I simply use this as a back up surface and hand burnish with a polished rod the dents out

The alto's and tenors I just dont like taking dents out of these, apart from the standard raking from underneath method, I have not found anything better yet. But am open to suggestions
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