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Soprano neck expander?

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Does anyone have a suggestion for where to get a neck expander that works on soprano necks? The soprano opening is too small to fit the rollers on the "can opener" expander we use on alto, tenor, and bari. Thanks.

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A soprano or alto flute headjoint expander? Perhaps a bass trombone slide expander, a baritone slide expander or a small tuba expander would work. Take the neck tenon ID and call Craig Anderson at Allied and see which one might fit it closest. It's worth a shot.
jbtsax said:
Jerry, I am not familiar with "Anderson". Can you give more details.

Sorry John, Craig Anderson at Allied.
Using the euro conversion chart (if I did it correctly) converts 220.00 euro to $322.75 USD. While outstanding quality as all Bohm tools are, not a cheap tool if you use it only once in a while.
clarnibass said:
Maybe he saved some money in Canadian dollars :D
Not much Nitai. Yesterday's exchange was .9608 Canadian to the USD. It's about as even par as I've ever seen it. :(
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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