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Soprano neck expander?

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Does anyone have a suggestion for where to get a neck expander that works on soprano necks? The soprano opening is too small to fit the rollers on the "can opener" expander we use on alto, tenor, and bari. Thanks.

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Boehm has a soprano sax neck expander. It is here number 554S and is called... you guessed it... expander for soprano sax :)

I don't know anything about it though, never tried it.
JerryJamz2 said:
Not much Nitai. Yesterday's exchange was .9608 Canadian to the USD. It's about as even par as I've ever seen it. :(
Right.... which is exactly why if he saved money in Canadian $ he would not pay as much for the Boehm expander... ;)
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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