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I recently acquired a Couesnon Saxie (a vintage heavily-simplified soprano saxophone) that did not have its original mouthpiece. I was aware when I bought it that it would have minor intonation issues at best, but the mouthpieces I've tried with it so far have produced anywhere from mixed to atrocious results. The soprano mouthpiece I used (a vintage J. W. York) would not even allow it to play a basic scale, while the Goldbeck alto piece I used DID allow it to play a scale...while simultaneously jumping up an octave. ...The less said of the 'nino piece I tried, the better. The soprano produced the "best" results, if only because the Saxie sounded almost like it was supposed to.

Since an original Saxie mouthpiece is completely out of the question, I've come to the conclusion that a soprano mouthpiece would probably be the best fit overall. But since I've never had to shop for a soprano piece before, I'm not sure how I would even begin. I've heard that Selmer pieces go with just about anything, but would they work for this horn? I don't have an unlimited budget, but I'm not afraid to stretch a bit if it means I can get this thing playing again; I like its sound and it's got potential, it just needs a mouthpiece that will let it speak properly.
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