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Soprano, middle E tuning problem

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I've been searching posts to see if anyone else gets this problem, but apart from the usual intonation issues that seem to surround the sop, I quite often get a problem where my middle E plays very sharp, I think it could be to do with embrochure or throat shape, it doesn't always happen, but particularly when I'm playing hard... Any ideas? I'm on a Yamaha custom 875, but I've had it with my Yani curved (which I'm selling at the mo, see the f/s threads).. I wondered if anyone else has encountered this?
(I usually use a late 80's link metal 7 with Lavoz medium reeds, clipped to play harder)
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Jake i agree with reedscraper. Its sharp on my tenor and not so much on my soprano. One thing i do to assist is use the low B key with the middle E it which helps pitching it down.
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