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Soprano, middle E tuning problem

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I've been searching posts to see if anyone else gets this problem, but apart from the usual intonation issues that seem to surround the sop, I quite often get a problem where my middle E plays very sharp, I think it could be to do with embrochure or throat shape, it doesn't always happen, but particularly when I'm playing hard... Any ideas? I'm on a Yamaha custom 875, but I've had it with my Yani curved (which I'm selling at the mo, see the f/s threads).. I wondered if anyone else has encountered this?
(I usually use a late 80's link metal 7 with Lavoz medium reeds, clipped to play harder)
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hmm thats interesting, I've definitely felt something move in my throat when this interesting that its only quite recent, as have been playing sop for over 20 years.. not enough practice then.... aaahhh, well ok, that can be dealt with!
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