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hi to all the sop addicts!
I like very much the power volume attack mpc and usually use a metal yanagisawa 7 with LaVoz medium soft or henke 2,5 and I got a wide and volume sound but sometimes I feel it little bit too bright.

I've recently got e metal selmer F used on Ebay, mainly becouse somewhere I read Saint John Coltrane used it in D facing, and ?'ve seen something similar on Archie Sheep's mouth on records sleeves of the '60: I like it, have a nasal sound, but I don't know if I feel it a little bit darker but lower volume then the yani 7 or it simply not reach the power and the wide range of colours that the yani gets.
Could it be simply becouse the it is F= about 6 facing against the 7 of the yani?
I've noted that while the yani rocks also with the LaVoz soft-medium and fly with the henke 2,5, the selmer rocks only with the henke 2,5 and have a very poor sound with the LaVoz soft-medium?
could it be becouse metal selmer F can rock only with harder reeds?
thank you in advance & have great multifonics!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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