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Soprano: Jody Jazz HR vs Morgan Vintage

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It's coming down to these two pieces and I am struggling. When I played a Morgan Jazz, Jody HR and Morgan Vintage on my tenor they came in this order 1. Morgan Jazz 2. Jody Jazz HR 3. Morgan Vintage. Compared to the top two on my list, the Morgan Vintage's tonal quality seemed a little narrow. It played fantastic however. Just curious if anyone has compared the Vintage vs the Jody jazz. I would by Morgan Jazz however they are not made anymore for soprano. BTW the horn is a Antigua 590BC. Thanks.
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I had a Morgan Vintage that was too open and when I was looking for something more closed I tried a Jody Jazz. The HR* did not compare very well to the Morgan at all. The Morgan was much more rich and free. The Jody classic was pretty good though. But still not as nice as the Morgan.
Tried both - my preference is the JodyJazz
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