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When I had my Buescher TT straight sopranos, I too had to shorten the barrels of the mouthpieces I used on them (Selmer S-80's and Morgan Vintages) because of the ribbing that surrounded the upper octave vent. Shorter mouthpieces like the Morgan Large-Chamber and the Selmer Super Sessions didn't go on far enough to be hampered by that ribbing.

My 1920's Conn NWII, Martin Handcraft and two MKVI's don't have ribbing on the upper octave vent.

Other than a mouthpiece's overall length, you should seek your own solution to what works best for you on your TT. We can all go through all the mouthpiece models we like but that has absolutely no bearing on what you will like. I'm sure Hodges got that unique tone because he was Hodges, not because he used a certain horn or a certain mouthpiece.
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