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Soprano Equivalent to Great Neck

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First, a note: I don't currently have a soprano, but if I'm able to get back to playing in a big band again I'll be picking one up at some point since alto does frequently double on it (my target would be a Buescher True Tone). So this is mainly an academic exercise.

Anyway, on my alto I play a Great Neck 4 tonalin. I love the sound and response it gets, and want something similar to that. The only problem is...Brilhart didn't start making soprano mouthpieces until significantly later (1980s). So obviously I'm not finding a Brilhart soprano that would match what I've got for alto. So my question is, what would be the closest equivalent?
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What's the difference between 4C and 4CM?

I have been pleased with the sound of a Rousseau, I think 4R, on my Buescher True Tone. I did have to cut the shank to get it on far enough. You will very likely have to do likewise. Also had to do the same thing with my Selmer C* (S-80 style). From my days with an old Holton soprano back in the early 80s I think I had to cut a Meyer too. I wish they hadn't located that post there, it could have been lower down and the pad mounted on a curved arm. Oh well, it doesn't really matter.
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