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The 4C is .047" and is very similar to the Brilhart in shape, made of plastic. The 4CM is closer to a Selmer S-80 and is .049".
When you say "similar to the Brilhart in shape" do you mean internally (medium-small chamber, straight sidewalls and arched throat perhaps) ?

I have a Yamaha marked 3C that has straight sidewalls and an arched throat.

I also have a Vandoren V16 S7 with straight sidewalls and an arched throat, but strangely my V16 S6 piece has a different throat shape - a fairly large oval.

I was sold a Beechler soprano piece and told it was designed by Arnold Brilhart, but that has a fairly conventional round throat.

I wonder about the Rico Graftonite pieces that were also designed by Arnold Brilhart - the Metalite soprano pieces have a severe step baffle.

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