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Hi , I am looking for songs in D minor Bb tenor sax. That would start off like Dm6 | Em7b5 A7b9 | Dm6 | or similar
I'd second mdavej's suggestion for Blue Bossa. It's in concert Cm (Dm on tenor). And it has something similar to the chord progression you mentioned. 1st eight bars (Tenor key):

/ Dm / Dm / Gm / Gm /

/ Em7b5 / A7b9 / Dm / Dm /

All other suggestions above are good ones also. And as pointed out, you can take any tune in a minor key and transpose it to Cm if you want. Although some tunes, for some reason, sound better in certain keys. But that's another topic.

And here's another topic that has come up frequently on here; when talking about tunes, chord progressions, etc, to avoid confusion it's a good idea to speak in concert key (unlike what I did with the progression above to stay consistent with the OP).
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