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Something Random From Your Music Library

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I love putting my library on shuffle and listening to whatever comes up. Sometimes it seems surprisingly bad/good, sometimes I know exactly who or what it is, sometimes I haven't got a clue, sometimes I'm amazed at what I hear, ...

Let's indulge each other with a few random tunes from our music libraries. Put your player on shuffle and list the first few tunes that come up (or feel free to cheat).

Here goes for me...

1) Sonny Criss - Summertime - Live in Italy with the George Arvanitas Trio (Fresh Sound) - Bluesy rendition of a classic tune by the underrated Sonny Criss.
2) Tom Varner - Water and Wood - Mystery of Compassion (Soul Note) - One of my favorite album titles! Kind of a mournful Booker Little vibe here.
3) Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band - Royal Garden Blues - Doctors, Professors, Kings & Queens: The Big Ol' Box of New Orleans (Shout Factory) - I don't spend a lot of time on 1920's vintage jazz, but this is a fun tune.
4) Kolner Saxophon Mafia - Der Schander - Die Saxuelle Befeiung (Jazz Haus Musik) - I don't think these guys are much known in the U.S., but they are maybe a rough analog to ROVA, with a healthy dose of humor.
5) Mary Lou Williams - You Know Baby - Chronological Mary Lou Williams 1944 (Chronological Classics) - Mysterious boogie-woogie with vocal, a little strange but cool
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