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Something less expensive than the Voicelive and better than Digitech Vx400?

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Hi to everybody,
someone know if there is something intermediate among the Voicelive processor and the Digitech Vx400?

The Digitech would be the alternative but the discrepancy with the TC Helicon is too high, there isn't anything comparable (speaking of a floor processor with pedals) around $400?

Thanks for every suggestion
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Voiceworks with midi pedals?
Thanks for your suggestion!! :)

But... it will cost, in total, almost the Voicelive?
KennyZ said:
Thanks for your suggestion!! :)

But... it will cost, in total, almost the Voicelive?
No the pedals are cheap. Like $30-40
experience with Vocal Harmonizer products?

Are any of you using the TC-Helicon VoiceWorks, a DigiTech Vocalist, or any other vocal harmonizer? If so, could you please share what you are doing with it, and what you find works well and not well?

I am just starting to research ways to simulate a horn section with one of these devices. I am mainly an alto sax player, and I am the only horn player in our covers band. I have been using a keyboard, a MIDI footpedal controller, and a sound module (Roland XV-5050) to try to create additional horn sounds. While this approach has worked well for certain cases, I have come to realize that I am not able to duplicate the exact same rhythmic feel for moving eighth notes on the keyboard, as for what I play on the sax - after listening to a recording I found that the "horn" notes I was playing on the keyboard sounded "square". So my thought was that a vocal harmonizer might work better for such moving parts. I'd appreciate any advice or experience that any of you can share - thanks!
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