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Something is wrong with my Embouchure

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So yeah today I was working with a group and found out that my embouchure is really messed up I only noticed because when I hit high C it was so out of tune. I know it can't be my horn. Does anyone have advice on how to improve my embouchure.
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Buy Larry Teal's The Art of Saxophone Playing. Not only will it fix it, but it will teach you how to spell it. (Embouchure. You were close.)

By the way. You also mispelled "missed spelled".
You mean your embouchure?

Check out Phil Barone's "tone production" thread.
I'm going to edit it before anyone else notices that many miss spellings
Ispell option is a wonderful thing....
Practicing longtones is important. If you do that, use a tuner to confirm your keeping in tune for the full duration of the tone.

The following article may be of great help:
'For everyone Jazz saxophonist theres 100 not discovered'

And we're damn glad of it.
All good advice. On top of all of it, look at pictures of your favorite saxophonists.

Everyone has a different set of lips, tongue... face in general. Ben Webster's embouchure doesn't look anything like Trane's doesn't look anything like Joe Henderson's etc. Not to mention the fact that the legit guys do it differently than the jazz guys!

There's no single way that will work for every sax player, so I recommend checking out some album covers. Or do a google image search for your favorite players.
I've only been playing about 10 months and I've spent about 50% of my time working on and correcting my embouchure. I've used a mirror and constantly have paid attention as I'm playing scales and exercises (slowly so it's easier to pay more attention to embouchure and less to speed). Larry Teal's book has exercises you can do to strengthen your embouchure so that your facial and chin/lower lib muscles have greater strength and endurance. Those silly little exercise REALLY WORK if you do them every day!!!! And it's paid off because my tone has gotten a lot better - and my teacher doesn't tell me my chin is wrinkling up when I play anymore. Also my low notes and high notes are dead on more often than not too (I work with a tuner a fair amount to check myself).
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