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Someone help me out with this...

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So I went into my attic this afternoon, looking for a fan to place inside my room, an I spot an alto saxophone case. I pull it out, open the case, and I find an alto saxophone... in pieces. =/ I take a look at the sax, and noticed the words "Peerless American" engraved on the bell. The bell keys are on opposite sides also. The serial number is 34,XXX, if that helps. There are also two mouthpieces in the case: a Goldentone (black), and a Belmonte. Can anybody help me find out who made this saxophone, and if possible provide some information about the two mouthpieces? The search results didn't help. Thanks in advance.

Meanwhile, I'm going to look in my attic again in hopes of spotting a tenor saxophone case... Maybe I'll find a Mark VI... :twisted:
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I'm thinking 1920's stencil. Photos? At least write down the engravings on the back and report them here (serial, patent date if any, letters like "A" and "L", etc. DAVE
Unfortunately, my camera sucks and can't take pictures that close...

Ironically, both the letters "A" and "L" are engraved on the back. Here's the engraving on the back, from top to bottom:

ATD SEPT 14 1915
Probably made by by C.G. Conn. The "A" means alto, the "L" means Low Pitch (a good thing . . . note A equals 440, modern tuning),

The presence of patent info suggests Conn, although I don't know if Martin has similar info. It wasn't uncommon for large instrument retailers to commission a run of Conn -made or Buescher-made saxophones with their own retail name on them. Same thing is done today with Taiwanese instruments. DAVE
I think the 1915 date is for drawn but not rolled tone holes. Martins and Kings do not have this. My guess is that it is a Buescher stencil. If it was a Conn stencil, it would have a P in the serial number.
I would say its conn made, just check the low C keyguard and if it looks like the mercedes car badge then its a conn , if not then Bruce has nailed it
It's a Conn, as it has the Mercedes-car-badge low C keyguard. However, I don't think I'll go through the hassle of getting it rebuilt because it's expensive, and too many parts are missing. =/ Thanks for the help guys.
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