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Hello everyone,

I'm a clarinet player that switched to alto saxophone about two years ago (I learn by myself on youtube/forums).
I rencently noticed that some notes of my alto saxophone sound too low pitched (from the low D to the C I would say). My lower notes are in tune, and my upper notes too. When I practice overtones from the low B flat to the above Bflat for example, the tune is not perfectly the same, however when I go 1 harmonic higher, the tune is very close to the correct fingering. I can correct this by biting less in the upper notes and tuning higher, but it gives me a horrible sound.
I was wondering if it was a problem due to my saxophone, or due to my embouchure, and what can I do to fix this? I play a yamaha YAS-280 with a vandoren jumbo java A-35 and java green n3 reeds , however I have the same problem with my other mouthpiece, a selmer soloist C* and vandoren blue box n3 reeds.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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