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Some inventions are stupid!

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I have had a chance to exchange the neck of my Super 20 tenor for a silversonic one. The silversonic one turned out to have a Veritone pickup attached to it. At first I thought that this could be removed without any damage to the neck. But I was wrong: a hole had been drilled on the neck to patch that pickup.

How can an invention be so dumb? No one in his right mind would drill a hole on a horn as a way to alter it or to add something to it! Apparently, doing this affects the sound of a horn.

For such a revered reputation that it has had, I can't believe that it was Selmer that came up with the Veritone pickup!

Maybe it should be called Veridumb instead of Veritone?
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Luckily, I kept the neck of my 20!

And I have to thank Mike for this.
well, perhaps I could buy it from you real cheap......... :) so you won't have to think about this horrible thing anymore........

I did not trade for that silversonic neck.
shame, I would have liked to get it off you and then have it repaired real cheap and invisibly :( :D
Milandro -

Don't let your urge (mine too) for a silver neck blind you: Even if you fixed that neck, it would still be flawed. Somebody DRILLED a hole in it! You got the point?
yes I got your point, thank you very much, :) and that's why I tell you that , using this point to your advantage, you would have had a pefectly made neck without any Super 20 brass neck has had the same type of work done and it was fixed (it was common practice, by the way, in 70's horns, because back then the Veritone pick-up was considered to be the latest in technique...) to perfection and it is barely visible.
On silver will be invisible, first the work done to patch the neck then have the neck re-plated.
I don't buy the discontinuity in the necks vibration which you possibly imply as a problem.

However if anyone has a real cheap silver neck single socket with a hole in it (they are real crap and I should get one for free, I stand by this version when buying...:) ) I am interested....
Out of curiosity, why is this on the Selmer thread?
good point! :) perhaps to keep it a secret?
Well, a hole is a hole (and your d**k has got no eyes), right, Milandro?

John -

This post is in the Selmer section because it was Selmer that invented the Veritone (or Veridumb, should I repeat) amplified pickup!

You've got a problem with that?
Yellowhorn said:
Well, a hole is a hole (and your d**k has got no eyes), right, Milandro?
lol!!! :)
Yellowhorn said:
Ya got a problem with that?
Sounds like a scene from the Godfather.

Just buy another neck. Kinda expensive but it won't have the hole.
a whole is a whole worth having but not every hole is a hole worth talking about :)
Carbs -

"The Godfather" is indeed one of "my favorite things". The other line I like from it is: "I have given him an offer he cannot refuse."

Milandro -

Good luck to you (and me) finding a silver S20 neck!
Yellowhorn, thanks. But I am not in a rush. I can live with the horn the way it is now, get much satisfaction from playing it and the occasional compliment (not so much on my playing but on my horn) even by 5 digits Mark VI players.

If I ever come across a super 20 single socket silver neck for a reasonable amount.....I will buy it, but otherwise I would do without and so be it. If I then decide that I would want to part from about 800Euro, I could have a silver (solid) underslung neck made by Karsten Gloger which could be a superior option but frankly , for the time being I am not that sure that I would be inclined to take the damage.

cheers;) :D
There's actually a good reason to put the 'hole in the horn' where they put it.

Can't speak to holey Super20 necks though...
Great article ! Was not aware of that information.

However the question which arose here was about the restoration of such Varitone necks and I must say that once again the site of Karsten Gloger offers a superbe example of crafstmanship ( under the Product menu choose the Restoration menu) the invisible repair is totally uncanny!

To me, Karsten Gloger is one ot the most gifted technicians in the world.
Not worth rising to your bait here Yellowhorn - curiosity is all it was on my part.

Interesting thread (it actually prompted me to mention it to a King alto player yesterday and he also pointed out the Selmer connection, so thanks for broadening my knowledge).

However, you can hardly say that subsequent discussion has been Selmer focused and whereas I really couldn't care less where it was posted, maybe my small query had some substance.

Anyhoo big Yeller, keep taking the tablets.
I don't know much about this invention.
But would it be safe to asume that King coppied that idea's on a few horns, and then decided not to continue with that modification?
Carbs said:
I don't know much about this invention.
But would it be safe to asume that King coppied that idea's on a few horns, and then decided not to continue with that modification?
Carbs, read the article which Hakukani has been so kindly quoting, Selmer invented the damn thing but made it available for more brands to use.King didn't " copy" it it just used it in a kosher manner.
There were quite a few horns with that kind of neck around an many have been restared where visibly or not.
I've seen, and almost bought a Conn Stencil once with the very same Gizmo on it.
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