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Some funny prices I have been watching...

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This first one is a Beuscher TT C Melody fully restored:

Its in very nice condition but 4K really!?! Its still a C Melody and there are comprable ones selling for <500 in playing condition. Do they really think they will ever sell it at that price?

Heres another one also pretty funny:

I watched it originally posted at 1K... then to 500, now its 399... no neck or case. They advertise it "silver patina" as if the patina is supposed to increase the value :lol: I grant that to some that may look "cool" but I bet it doesn't smell very nice! I got my 1919 for half that price (200) with case, neck, strap, original conn eagle mpc and ligature, music holder clip, and a vintage 1935 music book and it actually played a little when I first tried it!

Just some observations... I am always watching c melodies on ebay. I am missing a nice 1926 martin handcraft with only 1 hour left... I just dont have the loot right now. I am pretty happy with my Conns now though... but in the future I would also like a playable Martin C-Mel and maybe a Buescher TT, preferably ones that I need to restore myself to save $.

Of course my dream horn will always be a virtuoso artist model Conn C Melody!
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Gee, I'll have to take a few horns down to the body shop! It was good old Duco Dulux enamel on those colored horns - just like on your car. ;)

The $4k C melody? The auction is from Israel, where you always highball the buyer and he lowballs you. It's cultural. You meet somewhere or another in the middle, after a lot of yelling!
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