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:cool: I recently purchased a new tenor sax. Testing befor buying showed some small set up problems. Shop owner said he would take care of it. A week later I picked it up, I was in a hurry so did not test play it again. I was told it was set up and ready to go. When I got a chance to play it, I found that Low B was hard to play and low Bb not at all. Also 4th line D very muffled as well as those notes above that. Tried different reeds and different mouthpieces, still the same. The shop is a 120 mile round trip so I wasn't going to run right out and complain. Set it up on it's stand on a table and inspected every detail. Found that Low B pad not closing all the way. Made a small adjustment and tried it. Did that several times. Now low B and Bb play very easy. The muffled high note problem was harder to find but find it I did. Some very small object stuck in the octave vent tube, partially blocking it. Cleared it from the inside with a bent wire and some gentle persuasion. I love the sax and am completly satisfied with it but I am definately changing my tech.:cool:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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