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Solvent used on clarinet and not rinsed?

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Hi folks,
I just bought a great used clarinet (hard rubber - not wood). It appeared to have been wonderfully restored with new cork and pads. When it arrived today, I had to step back after I opened the box (yes the outer box) because of the strong odor of some sort of solvent. When I removed the case and opened it, the fumes were really overwhelming. I removed the clarinet (which really does look great) and threw the case in the outside garbage because I couldn't stand the smell. It wasn't any good anyway. I was really hoping that the case was the source of the smell, but it isn't. I have just spent quite awhile wiping down this instrument both inside and out and getting every nook and cranny reachable. It still burns my nose and I can't imagine trying to play it. I'm used to smelling gasoline, paint, etc. so it's not just a sensitive nose issue. (No, I don't smell them on purpose :bluewink:)

My questions are:
  • What kind of solvent do you think it is.
  • Will it evaporate?
  • If not, is it removable?
  • If so, can I remove the solvent without taking everything apart?
  • Should I call the EPA to handle it as HazMat? (just kidding)

Thanks for any help. :|
Congaree BC
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Are you sure you can't? Still waiting on answer from seller. May be waiting a looooonggggg time....
Nevermind. took care of it.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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