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My band is doing a cover of "I Get So Lonely" by Janet Jackson. The changes are roughly:

Emi7 | Dmi9 - G7 | Cmaj | Bmi7 - D#halfdim | Emi9 - A7 | Dmi9 - G7| Cmaj7 |

Why does the G bebop scale sound weird to me over the Dmi9 chords? Was my ear just playing tricks on me at rehearsal.

Sorry for the sloppy chord chart as well.

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Can't tell you. It shouldn't sound weird as long as you're not putting that F# on a downbeat.
Yes, that would be a nono!

There are several possibilities, among them:

  • The style of music makes a bebop scale inappropriate. It is, after all, a sort of jazz thing but can work in many contexts depending.
  • Any scale can sound odd if played in a solo without due regard for voice leading and harmonic context.
  • The band is not playing the changes you think they are

Again, we can't know without hearing what you are talking about.
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