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Soldering Neck Strap Hook

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Hi --

I want to add a neck strap hook to a vintage Soprano sax that I am overhauling right now. Will standard tin/lead soft solders do the job or do I need to silver-solder it to get the required strength? (I got a butane torch)

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Standard 63/37 lead solder should work fine. However in our shop, we have almost eliminated the use of 63/37lead solder for the 96/4 tin/silver solder (not to be confused with silver/brazing solder) as the 96/4 is 4X the strength and almost the same melting point. It also mixes well with the older lead solders if need be. fwiw..
Thanks for the correction Gordon. Short of silver/brazing solder, the tin/silver is the strongest, but by only 2X, not 4X. My bad! :D

fwiw - When soldering on saxophones, if possible, I prefer to heat from the inside of the bore so that the flame is not directed onto the finish. It also reduces any discoloration of lacquer if there is flux present.
And don't forget flux fumes added to the mix. Don't ya just love it when your nostrils get a whiff or the fumes bring a tear to your eye? :cry:
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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