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Soldering Neck Strap Hook

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Hi --

I want to add a neck strap hook to a vintage Soprano sax that I am overhauling right now. Will standard tin/lead soft solders do the job or do I need to silver-solder it to get the required strength? (I got a butane torch)

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"The flow temp of 94/6 is 430 F."

I think you are talking about 96/4 it melts and flows at 430.

94/6 flows at 535.

50/50 flows at 421 so not much difference and 96/4 is 2x stronger.

I use 96/4 to solder everything. Staying away from lead is a good thing. Soldered for 25 years with 50/50 and now don't use it at all.

I think most manufactures still use 50/50. I think because it is tradition and cheap?
Someday they will have to change. After breathing lead for so many years I'm sure I've lost many brain cells from it, At least that's what I'm told.
I will not subject my Son's to the bad things I've been told to use. Thank God we are being smarter and more informed these days.

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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