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Soldering Neck Strap Hook

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Hi --

I want to add a neck strap hook to a vintage Soprano sax that I am overhauling right now. Will standard tin/lead soft solders do the job or do I need to silver-solder it to get the required strength? (I got a butane torch)

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Standard tin/lead should be fine. Don't use anything with a flux core.

I should add, I'm assuming you have a neckstrap ring from a replacement parts supplier or from a parts horn. The ring usually will already be mounted (silver-soldered) on a wide flange base (round, oval, or diamond-shaped).

Just a wire hook or ring alone with no flange will not provide enough surface area for the solder to withstand the weight of the horn if hanging from a neckstrap.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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