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soldering a silver plated sax

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I have done solder repair on lacquered saxes so I have a pretty good idea what the results will be. Now I have an old silver plated sax where I am thinking of removing some posts (instead of cutting off the keys). Searching the forum I am not sure if silver plated horns are easier/cleaner to solder than lacquered horns. What do you think? Thanks.
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silver plated

Yes, It is unlacquered. Thanks.

griff136 said:
I find that the "stay brite" solder works best on silver instruments. It comes with its own flux. I just cut a small amount solder and place it on the join add some more flux and heat up - allways lees to remove afterwards and if you havent used enough solder then just cut another piece. IMHO a far better method than to heat and then apply the solder and possibly be left with excess solder to clean off.
Thanks. When you place it on the joint are the pieces being held together? Let's say you are putting on a post. Would you have the post held in place and have the solder run in by capillary action or would you get the solder onto the parts first?
Thanks everyone. This helps a lot. So it sounds like flux can wreck silver plating and unlike brass you can't buff it down since you would have brass showing through.
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