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soldering a silver plated sax

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I have done solder repair on lacquered saxes so I have a pretty good idea what the results will be. Now I have an old silver plated sax where I am thinking of removing some posts (instead of cutting off the keys). Searching the forum I am not sure if silver plated horns are easier/cleaner to solder than lacquered horns. What do you think? Thanks.
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It is very important for cosmetics that you carefully and minimally apply flux ONLY to the area you want the solder to flow. If it runs onto a satin silver finish, it is almost impossible to remove in it's entirety, and buffing this over-run will only make it worse. Also, make sure the bottom of the post flange and the area on the body (where it will be re-soldered) are both as clean as possible.
Flux won't ruin silver plating. Solder will only run where the flux is. If flux is oozing around the post or running anywhere but under the post flange/area to be soldered, there is the tendency for solder to flow onto those fluxed areas, which will run over the top of the plating if applied liberally. One or two pin-drops of liquid flux should do.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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